What kind of business is Nestlé looking for?

Nestlé is looking for external innovators. Nestlé Briefs posted on HENRi are designed for innovative companies that share our goal of enhancing the nutrition, health and wellness of people around the world.

What is the scope of the different projects for the participating companies?

The scope of the project is defined in the different briefs. The goal can be to further develop the proposed solution or pilot the proposed solution in a specific market with a sponsoring brand and if the pilot is proven successful, look to expand the solution to other brands and potentially other markets around the world.

What do you expect to gain from Nestlé with HENRi?

For each company we select through HENRi, we will assign a funding of USD 50’000 for the co-development of a solution and its pilot. In addition, we will provide mentorship and expertise from the largest food and beverage company in the world.  Companies can also expect to expand their network with leaders throughout the Nestlé organization.

I have a great idea, can I submit it on the HENRi platform?

We are welcoming your submission based on a specific Brief posted on the HENRi Platform. Your Proposal must fall under the criteria set in the Brief. If you would like to share other ideas and suggestions with Nestlé brands, you are welcome to do so via their contact-us form on their own Brand websites or social media channels.



How does the application process look like?

The submission Process is open online via the Henri Platform on this Website and include questions about yourself, your company and your team. Registration and submission of a Proposal is subject to the HENRi Terms and Submission Rules and must refer to a specific Brief.

  1. Browse the Website and choose a Brief for which you are ready to submit a proposal. Each project will have an application window mentioned directly in the Brief, where other companies like yours can also submit their proposals.


  1. Upload your Proposal responding to the Brief. All information you reveal must be non-confidential and we will treat it as such. After you have accepted the Terms you will get an automatic confirmation. All submissions are viewed.


  1. Once the application window has expired, we will enter in to an evaluation period of 30 days to select up to 5 businesses. We will then be in touch with all successful and unsuccessful candidates to advise of our decision.


  1. If you are unsuccessful this time, your name and details will be added to the HENRi innovation database, where we would like to keep your references on record for prospective opportunities in the future.


  1. Successful candidates will be invited to pitch within about a month following our decision to add you to the short list. The arrangements for each pitch will be subject to the discretion of the Nestlé project owner for that Brief. Exact details of the pitch content will also be clarified within a reasonable timeframe from the notification and specifics of each project pitch will vary. Depending on the geographical location of the pitch, we might invite you to pitch in person or through video conference (e.g. Skype).


  1. Following the pitch presentation, the Nestlé project owner and their decision-making executive will revert to you within about a month to notify you of the final decision.


  1. If you have been selected, we will follow up with you to discuss the next steps such as determining the success criteria for the project, negotiating a formal agreement related to the development of your Proposal for Nestlé (“Pilot Agreement”) and how Nestlé will fund up the pilot with you.


What information does my proposal need to include and which language can I use?

Contact information is essential for us to follow up. The submission form must also at least provide a good non-confidential overview of the proposed solution. You need to send us non-confidential information about your innovation describing how it works in a general technical sense and what the benefits to the consumer would be. Of course, the more information that you are able to provide the better. Your Proposal shall be written in English.

Is only non-confidential information required?

Throughout the submission process, we only ask for information that imposes no obligations of confidentiality for Nestlé and does not breach any confidentiality obligations or third parties’ rights, notably intellectual property or privacy rights that you the submitter owe to others. If confidential information is required later for the Pilot, we will negotiate a separate confidential agreement prior to sharing any confidential information.

How will the pitch for the Project be run?

Once the finalists are selected to move onto the pitch session, we will invite the selected companies to pitch their solution in person or via video conference (e.g. Skype).

Where possible or requested by the Nestlé project owner, we might invite finalists to pitch in person. It will be up to Nestlé’s discretion to cover travel costs to and from the pitch session.

Who decides if my submission is of interest to Nestlé?

Your Proposal will be reviewed by the HENRi Platform team based on criteria that may vary depending on each Brief. The Nestlé Project owner and his team will also be involved with the shortlisted companies.  



Who is the HENRi team and where is the team based?

The HENRi Platform team includes Nestlé people from various backgrounds, but all have tremendous experience with digital innovation and start-ups. The HENRi team is located in Vevey, Switzerland, with a presence both in San Francisco and London.

Which markets or entities take part in the HENRi programs?

Since Nestlé is a global company, a HENRi project can originate from any part of the organization

Does Nestlé make available office space and accommodation for participants in the submission and the pilot phases?

No, HENRi is a virtual program and does not provide office space and accommodation.

Do I need to be located in the pilot market (if any mentioned in the brief)?

It would be helpful if the companies submitting proposals are active in the pilot market.  However, it is not a requirement in order to be selected for a project.



What is the available fund for the Pilot?

If you are selected, Nestlé will fund up to USD 50’000 for the proof of concept of your solution (“Pilot”). The fund will be allocated at the discretion of Nestlé based on the Brief’s objectives.

What happens if the Pilot is successful?

If the Pilot is successful, we will decide on the next steps, which may include pitching the solution to other Nestlé entities in order to scale the solution further.

Will there be further funding once the project is over?

After the Project ends and if there may be a possibility to deploy the solution to additional markets and brands, in which case additional funding will be invested into the project. Note however that additional funding is not guaranteed and projects will be reviewed on case by case basis



Do I have to accept the HENRi Terms & Submission Rules?

Yes, these Terms are created to protect you and your rights, and it also eliminates the risk of jeopardizing Nestlé ongoing research programs, projects and developing concepts.

Do I have to be 18 or over to apply for projects?

Yes, all participants must be of legal age in your country of domicile, but at a minimum 18 years old.

Can I provide confidential data in my submission?

For the initial application, please submit information that the company is comfortable sharing with the public.  For the Pilot phase, you might need to share confidential information; we will consequently sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Will I keep my intellectual property rights?

For your application, only submit information that is non-confidential and which you would be comfortable sharing publicly. You will retain rights to all information that is submitted through HENRi during the submission period.

When and if you are selected to enter into the Pilot phase, we will discuss with you the terms and conditions of our collaboration including allocation of the intellectual property related the solution to be developed. Depending on the type of project and solution to be developed, different intellectual property allocation structures can be envisaged such as licensing or ownership divided by industry sectors.

Note that Nestlé may have present or future initiatives or opportunities, including with third parties, involving products or technologies that are substantially similar to, or that may compete with, one or more products or technologies you submit

How will the Pilot start?

We will agree with you on a contractual basis to pursue the Pilot.

What happens if new opportunities arise after the Pilot?

If new opportunities come about after the Pilot, then there will be a new process (that may be separate from HENRi) in order to evaluate the solution for fit with the business needs. Note that Nestlé will not prevent you from working with other clients at the same time, but confidentiality of work with Nestlé must be maintained.