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We are looking for a tech partner that can help us extend our automated sales platform, to provide optimized routes for our sales reps, accounting for current traffic conditions, predicted peaks and so on. (An annual subscription to Google Maps is already integrated into the platform)

While this challenge is for our Egyptian market, your solution should be scalable for any Traditional Trade market with similar complexity to Egypt.


This challenge is to improve distribution to the Traditional Trade sector, consisting of approximately 320,000 small, mostly family-run stores that are responsible for approximately 70% of Nestlé retail sales in Egypt. These stores are served by eight regional Nestlé distributors whose 500 or so sales representatives each load their vans at storage locations and then head out to visit 25 customers a day.

Each sales rep uses a handheld device or tablet equipped with DMS-1, which is a salesforce automation system that links Nestlé, distributors, sales reps, and customers and allows the smooth flow of information back and forth between them. The 25 customers assigned for the sales rep to visit each day are displayed within the system, in a default order of proximity from the distributor’s storage facility. However, there is currently no way to determine the most efficient order of these appointments. So sales reps have to keep checking the map for traffic updates throughout the day in order to try and mitigate negative impacts on their schedule. Furthermore, because the business model is cash on delivery, there is an optimum delivery window (between 12 and 3pm), arriving outside of which could result in lost sales opportunities.

Why this matters.

It currently takes new sales reps approximately 2-4 weeks to become acquainted enough with an area and its traffic patterns to be able to efficiently plan their route each day. A route optimizing tool within the platform could help them work more productively from day one.

By being better at avoiding traffic jams and following the most efficient routing between customers, we expect our sales reps to be able to spend an extra 10-15 minutes with each customer, and see an extra 3 customers a day. This will allow them to improve merchandising and increase sales. It will also enable our reps to reach their customers promptly and avoid orders being placed with competitors when traffic makes us late for appointments.

Efficient routing will also increase truck productivity and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Success criteria.

For Nestlé:

  1. Improved profits
  2. Increased truck efficiency
  3. Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  4. Positive impact on ROI

 For our distributors:

  1. Improved profits
  2. Higher frequency of visits
  3. More time spent with customers
  4. More time for quality merchandising


What’s in it for you.

The successful candidate will:

  • Receive $50,000 in funding for the project
  • Have access to Nestlé resources necessary for the completion of the project
  • Have the potential opportunity to scale their solution to other markets
  • Engage in a partnership with one of the world’s best known brands



If you have any questions about this challenge, you can get in touch with the team here.


Important note

To make sure you don’t lose your application while you are working on it, please make sure to save your answers into a separate document as backup. If you don’t receive a confirmation that your application has been submitted, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and we will help you with your application.


Hassan Atia
Hassan Atia Nestlé contact